Spread love. Not germs.


So good your grandparents will love it. Seriously..

Founded amidst the growing uncertainties in the hospitality industry caused by the spread of COVID-19, Carroll's Kitchen is your neighborhood non-profit virtual kitchen/food delivery service. Cooking all of your favorites at a flat cost per meal. We use the freshest ingredients, we make real food for real people. Carroll's Kitchen was born out of a passion for helping others through community, culinary and caring.  The best part of Carroll's Kitchen is that your grandparents eat for free. The money from the daily meals and donations goes towards working to partner with other kitchens and organizations to put more chefs back to work and make more meals to feed Long Island.

Ryan Carroll | Founder & CEO of Carroll's Kitchen Long Island

Ryan Caroll- A Sayville Local who was born with a passion and keen taste for food, graduated from Sayville Highschool in 2011. After high school, he then pursued his dream in the food industry by graduating with associates in culinary arts in 2013. Two years later and Ryan would find his hard work pay off by earning his bachelor's degree at the acclaimed Culinary Institute of America- Also referred to as the Harvard of Culinary Schools. After graduating, he took his knowledge to work for Jean Georges at the Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton NY. Following his time here, he went to STK Midtown as an Exec Sous Chef. This opportunity really began to build his business fundamentals- He gained knowledge of corporate culture, team building, and leadership- Solidifying his place to be a destined business owner one day. Ryan then went back to Jean Georges as an Executive Sous Chef for the Public Hotel in the lower East Side. Following this, Ryan did some short stints for Mercado Little Spain, then helped with the grand opening at Catch Steak. Ryan finally found his home at JF Restaurants, working at the times square edition hotel for John Frasier, an acclaimed Michelin star chef who worked for Thomas Keller. Ryans past, love,  and passion for the Food industry is the driving force behind his Foundation.




All we have is one another.

Now more than ever during this time we need to care and help each other.  By helping one another and caring for our communites we can make sure everyone is fed with nurishing food.


Quality food you deserve.

CarrollsKitchen LI brings culinary expertise to each one of your meals giving you peace of mind knowing that the freshest ingredients are skillfully prepared. 



Tastes Better Together

We know that life can get hard sometimes and cooking or prepping dinner may not exactly be your top priority. That's why we’re happy to help by providing a delicious dinner menu. The community reviews are in and we are a smash hit! Also by letting us pick dinner, we can donate more meals across LI communities.

Carroll's Kitchen LI

Carroll's Kitchen Long Island is an officially registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation in the State of New York. All donations are tax exempt. For more information on donations or Carroll's Kitchen Long Island. Please contact info@carrollskitchenli.org

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