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A story of resilience...

Carroll's Kitchen is a grassroots non-profit 501(c)(3) charity. Ryan Carroll is a Sayville, New York local and the CEO and Founder. He lost his job as a chef in NYC due the closures of restaurants from Covid-19. Instead of staying home and quarantining he decided to assemble a team of over thirty of the best hospitality workers to help people across Long Island in a safe and organized manner. Ryan partnered up with Marty Shea and they worked out of his restaurant Bistro25East in Blue Point, New York. They have fed over 17,000 people in need since March, 2020. From front line workers, veterans, the elderly, children, police departments, fire departments, and shelters. Carroll's Kitchen was born out of a passion for helping others through community, culinary and caring. Ryan and his team are now focused on feeding children in high-risk low income areas of Long Island and the elderly who were hit the hardest from Covid-19. 


Founder & CEO of Carroll's Kitchen Long Island

Ryan Carroll- A Sayville Local who was born with a passion and keen taste for food, graduated from Sayville Highschool in 2011. After high school, he then pursued his dream in the food industry by graduating with associates in culinary arts in 2013. Two years later and Ryan would find his hard work pay off by earning his bachelor's degree at the acclaimed Culinary Institute of America- Also referred to as the Harvard of Culinary Schools. After graduating, he took his knowledge to work for Jean Georges at the Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton NY. Following his time here, he went to STK Midtown as an Exec Sous Chef. This opportunity really began to build his business fundamentals- He gained knowledge of corporate culture, team building, and leadership- Solidifying his place to be a destined business owner one day. Ryan then went back to Jean Georges as an Executive Sous Chef for the Public Hotel in the lower East Side. Following this, Ryan did some short stints for Jose Andres at Mercado Little Spain then again at Catch NYC. Ryan finally found his home at JF Restaurants, working at the times square edition hotel for John Frasier, an acclaimed Michelin star chef who worked for Thomas Keller. Ryans past, love,  and passion for the Food industry is the driving force behind his Foundation.

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Feeding Those in Need

We started this movement to feed the elderly in nursing homes and front line workers who were battling covid-19 on the front lines. Since then we have fed over 25000 people in need. Those include veterans, police departments, fire departments, shelters, children, and many more. We plan on feeding 5000 people every single month with the help of the community. We rely on donations to purchase food in order to keep our movement going. Above is a donation tab, approximately $7 feeds one person in need. Thank you for the support!


Saving Restaurants

We are not just donating meals we are saving small business as well. Ryan is running the kitchen at Bistro 25east in Blue Point and donating a portion of profits to different charities. We have worked with over twenty restaurants on the south shore of Long Island to help people during these difficult times.




1. Feed people in need

2. Save Restaurants and Small Business

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Carroll's Kitchen Long Island is an officially registered

501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation in the State of New York.

All donations are tax exempt. For more information on donations or Carroll's Kitchen Long Island.

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